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Litigious divorce settled through effective negotiations

Litigious divorce settled through effective negotiations

Client, a stay at home mother to three children throughout the course of a 24 year marriage, living in Methuen MA petitioned for divorce. She was unsure of her rights but she knew that her Husband was unwilling to provide alimony and also refused to agree to an equitable division of the marital assets, including his retirement accounts. All three children were emancipated at the time of the divorce. In our initial consultation, client explained that she did not want to prolong the divorce process and wished to settle the matter as expeditiously as possible even if a fast and prompt resolution of the divorce meant that she would not receive alimony. We educated her on the law and informed of her rights under MGL c208 § 34 which defines divorce law in Massachusetts.

RESULT: After numerous proposals and negotiations with husband’s attorney the case was settled under the following terms: Client/Wife received half of all marital assets including her share of the marital home, Husband’s retirement accounts, and parties’ vacation home. Wife also received an appropriate alimony order. Case was settled as promptly as client desired and without her waiving any legal rights that she was otherwise legally entitled.

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